Waking up in Africa

Waking up in Rwanda is an amazing experience. You are surrounded by the sounds of roosters, unknown birds and the beautiful sunrise peeking through the horizon. After a long day of travel, you can feel the energy and expectancy that comes with the anticipation of meeting with leaders here.

I cannot count off hand how many times I have been to this country, but was commenting to my friend Phocas last night about how each time I come there are visible signs of improvement. Last night it was noticeable at the airport and the changes there. The experience going through customs has been streamlined and more “friendly” than in the past. It is Glenda’s first time in Africa and I look forward to seeing it through her eyes this trip.

We are here on a Vision Trip, bringing friends to see the work that we have been doing with leader development here through a charity I was part of helping to launch called Kurumbuka. Our unique focus is our concentration on developing African leaders – who develop other African leaders thereby multiplying the impact in their organizations and in the country. Take a look at our website to get a more complete idea of how unique our work is here.

Coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it’s essential for us after such a long day of travel. Glenda and I are sipping ours now (after waking a wee but too early because of the time change). The rooster is our friend as we take in the beauty and the culture here.

As you start your morning cup of coffee, take some time to appreciate where you are – it truly is something special. Soak in every moment; allow your setting to stay etched in your memory and be grateful!

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  1. Roosters, the goats next door, the smell of charcoal burning in the morning coal pots, and coffee with my love on the front porch open many of our days here. How can we bring that 2 Timothy 2:2 leadership to Liberia?

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