Father and Sons

As I hear the laughter and conversations of my three sons coming together, it warms my heart. A father’s prayer has been answered: his sons are grown, married, and uniting to do life together.

In a world that is often so disconnected, it truly is a blessing for them to come together in this way. It reminds me of the old adage: “A family that prays together stays together.” And I am reminded how important it is for men to have brothers-in-arms who can stand alongside them in times of difficulty or celebration – someone who knows their story and understands what makes them tick.

It’s funny how, when faced with challenges as adults, we suddenly become kids again: reaching for the hands of family to steady us on our path. Togetherness, loyalty, and support are key elements that help us all make it through life’s journey.

With such joyful anticipation, I await our breakfast gathering this morning because I know it will be filled with all the things I love – laughter, depth of conversation, good coffee – and family bonds that can never be broken.

Together we are stronger; we face life and come away better equipped to take on whatever comes next. That is family at its finest!

Clann is Irish/Gaeilge for family. The family is a cornerstone of Irish culture and carries immense importance and meaning. The family provides guidance, stability, comfort and security in times of need and can be relied upon as an unshakeable source of strength.

The depth of family ties reaches far beyond the biological family – we can develop strong emotional bonds with friends and extended family members that add to the richness of family life.  That is why we have “uncles” “aunts” “sisters” “brothers” and “cousins” all with air quotes in our lives.

No matter how far members may be geographically apart, we remain connected by our family ties and loyalty. Add to this value our common faith, and you have a three-fold cord not easily broken.