Together is a Beautiful Place to Be

Credit: Erin Fraser


As one who is normally ‘out there’ sharing everything from life, I realize that I have been pretty quiet the last year on social media. The reason is that something very sacred was taking place and we did not want to confuse or run ahead of it by being too social.

Glenda and I were introduced to each other through the friendship of our children. She lost her wonderful husband Dale to cancer and my Brenda to the same. We connected over the grief journey and in time this became a friendship. We started walking together on Saturdays and over weeks and months, our friendship grew into love.

Credit: Erin Fraser

Although we decided to celebrate our love with an intimate and private family ceremony in Whiterock BC, please know that we thought of so many of you in our planning and during our day. We simply wanted to treasure this moment with our families as we joined together for this new season in our lives.


Both Glenda and I come from wonderful marriages, and this is reflected in our families. We know what it is like to be happy in a marriage, and we look forward to experiencing that again. In fact, we have high standards when it comes to marriage and we hold our relationship high. We know, in a way more personally through the deaths of our spouses, that we do not number our days. As a result, we are choosing how we want to live the days we have. Glenda and I have resolved to live, not just endure, each season of our lives and we are excited to enter this new season together. We want to take turns being strong for each other.

For over fifteen years Glenda has led a team working with children with special needs and their families. You would agree that it takes a special kind of person to work in this field. Glenda is that. She is a gentle soul but also a strong and wise team leader. She has developed a team culture that is exceptional while working in this challenging field. Glenda is retiring from her school at the end of the academic year and then we look forward to working together in a new business ministry together, Carson Pue and Associates. More on this in the future.

Second Chances

God’s mercy has called us to a place of new beginnings, for He is the God of second chances. We are living in Pue Manor in Langley and busy into the work of merging two homes together. In our home we thank God for this blessing. We encourage each other, we laugh a lot, we take nothing for granted, and we say “I love you” everyday. Glenda and I believe that we were brought together on purpose for a purpose, and we are seeking God’s guidance as to what opportunity there is for us to serve others and serve Him.

Erin Fraser Captures the Day

Our photographer Erin Fraser is the wife of grandson Liam’s hockey coach. She has an amazing talent for capturing moments, and has done our family photos in the past. By sharing these with you, you can share some of the intimacy of our family time as we celebrated our marriage.

30 thoughts on “Together is a Beautiful Place to Be

  1. We wish you a strong sense of God’s presence, blessing, leading, and equipping as you begin this new chapter of your lives, Carson and Glenda!

    Love and prayers,

    Linda and Craig

    (On Friday, I seemed to remember your birthday being on the 5th, Carson, and then wondered if I’d responded to your news in May or had merely composed the email in my head!)

    1. Hi Linda – sorry I missed this note from you. Thank you so much. Would love to hear how you and your family are doing. So you have my email address?

      1. Hi, Carson:

        I don’t believe I do but evidently, you have mine as I receive notifications of your posts.


  2. A truly beautiful story with beautiful people. Congratulations Carson, to you and Glenda. The world is blessed that you and Glenda will be serving in it together. Thank you for sharing, I love the pictures and wish you and your families so many more memories together. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Hi Carson

    Congrats on your marriage to Glenda. Your life reminds me of a comment Ralph Winter made after he lost his first wife and then married again. He wrote, “I’m remarried because I discovered I’m not designed to be a single man; I discovered after losing Roberta that I was just an unemployed husband.” So wonderful congratulations to both of you!

    Joyfully still employed

    Christie & Paul

    1. Thanks Paul, I have thought of you often and would like to Zoom and get caught up. I’ll email you a link to set up.

  4. As a man most familiar with crucibles, you shine amidst their aftermath, Carson. Thank you for choosing joy over resignation and hope over cynicism. Your faith in the Lord fuels such holy optimism, I understand—nevertheless each of us in startling freedom must choose to receive the gifts borne from grief, and you have, inspiringly so. Bless you and your beloved bride…

  5. Hi, Carson. In relationship language I’d be considered an outlier in your world, and you may well not even remember me. I’ve met you only a few times and long ago at that. But I have followed your story at a distance over the years and am so glad for you and Glenda. Thank you for sharing this touching story. God’s blessings on you both, your families, and your new venture together.

    1. Hello, Neil. Yes I do remember who you are and it has been a long time since we met. We do share a lot of friends. Thanks for your blessings in this new season for Glenda and I.

  6. Congratulations Uncle Carson! I pray that you two will have many, many years to enjoy together! I look forward to meeting Glenda and picking her brain sometime since I am just beginning to work more with special needs kids in my jobs as an Education Assistant and as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator for our church.
    Blessings to you both!

  7. Warwick and I are so grateful for the coming together in love of you two beautiful people. May your joy be complete in Jesus. “For this God is our God forever. He will be our guide to the end.” Psa 48:14. Look forward to meeting you Glenda.

  8. What wonderful news Carson – thanks for sharing the day in story and pictures with us. God’s richest blessings on you and Glenda and the days He gives you both to enjoy Him and each other together!

  9. We are so happy for both of you! God is good!! Oh yes, and thank heavens for family influence on the beginning of this next life chapter. CONGRATULATIONS! Love and best wishes from Deb & John Nelson

  10. Warmest congratulations to you both.So very happy to hear you have one another to spend the rest of your days together. What a wonderful Blessing indeed. Sending Love from W. Australia Jacky & Rhys

  11. I could not be happier to hear this! Many congratulations, wishing a journey of love and discovery.
    Much love, George ❤️

  12. Many, many blessings Carson and Glenda!!

    Enviado desde mi teléfono.


  13. Congratulations Carson & Glenda lovely news and a beautiful beginning wishing you both every blessing on your martial journey. Alan & Dee Hereford Uk soon to be residing in Australia new beginnings for us also x

  14. Congratulations Carson and may God richly bless you and Glenda Barbara Seymour-Gray

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  15. Well done Carson. Best of luck, health and happiness to you both!

  16. So nice to hear from you. Congratulations Carson and Glenda! I am so happy for both of you and pray the Lord will guide you and place your feet upon the path he would have you go each and every day.
    Blessings to you and your families. Coleen Ramsum

  17. Thank you for this great post, Carson! I pray God’s guiding light in your lives in many years ahead! Love and blessings, Mom

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