Why Carson Pue Welcomes 2019

When I think about the past year I barely have words. Twenty eighteen began with emotions of being in love again, and the delights of a teenage crush with Ruth Blake. Our engagement in March of last year gave birth of new hope for a future together with a wedding the end of June. Her death from cancer in May shocked all around her. As I sat with her for those eight days in hospital I felt nothing but love, however that was to change. How do you explain two deaths, two loved ones in such a short period? How do you possibly understand, and deal with, the death of dreams?

In the weeks following Ruth’s memorial service I found myself on a downward trajectory. It was extremely hard. Even though I had served God most of my life, I was done. We no longer had a working relationship (he says smiling as he reflects on that thought).

After the darkness…

Those two paragraphs represent the darkest first half of 2018. But it was not to remain like that. Through an invitation by my friends Tim and Suzanne in Port Stewart, Northern Ireland I escaped everything here and ran into the arms of their friendship and love. What I was not anticipating, or seeking, was God’s pursuit of me.

While there with Suzi, in my darkest lowest moment, I experienced “the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God “ as Cory Asbury sings. “Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine.” I cannot share the whole story of healing I experienced. It is after all an Irish story and that would take at least an hour!

Needless to say, I returned a different man. I’m whistling again! I have energy, hope and have shared with friends that I feel like I am twenty years old, just became a follower of Jesus, and want to change the world.

Cory Asbury sings Reckless Love

The second half of last year was filled with more hope. looking forward and dreaming again. I spent time out on the ocean with friends going further north than I have ever gone before to The Broughtons. I also went back to Ireland with a best friend and Jeremy and Shari. It was an amazing time together – and of course we got to see Suzi and Tim again.

Having a photographer along helps capture the trip! White Cloud Productions

As I anticipate 2019 there a things that I am going to do differently. My contract at Trinity Western University completes at the end of April when the President completes his term. I have so appreciated my time serving the university and it has rekindled my love of young adults (and watching women’s volleyball LOL).

What’s next?

My contract completion creates a transition point and I am envisioning a new focus and lifestyle for myself. In the coming year I see myself mentoring young adults; coaching executive leaders in both business and ministry where I can add value and encouragement; writing more; and intentionally nurturing my deep friendships. I also plan to take a tour to Ireland again – maybe two – to trace the footsteps of St Patrick. And of course maintaining my passion for Africa will be continuing to serve the Abundant Leadership Institute in Kigali Rwanda.

After a long break due to my circumstances, I will be opening up my calendar for speaking at conferences and retreats in 2019 and 2020. You can bet that a theme for this year will be the pursuing love of God. I will be making an announcement with more detail shortly.

Making room…

Our family have been looking at reflection questions from the Muskoka Woods Leadership Studio and thinking about the things we would like to focus on in 2019. One of the question adds: “What would need to be simplified, discarded or delegated to make room for these?”  It presupposes that if we are going to do something new, we need to make room for it.

So that leads me to ask you, if you are going to do something new this year how will you simplify, discard or delegate to make room for these?

12 thoughts on “Why Carson Pue Welcomes 2019

  1. This lifted my heart! To know that you are in a really good place brings great joy. Thank you as always for your open heart sharing. You are an amazing man of God Carson. Cannot wait to hear all the wonderful stories that will be made this year.

  2. Thanks for your candor and tenderness Carson, Glad to know the Son has dawned on your dark night of the soul. Praying that all you have lost will be returned to exponentially. Blessings, Ron

  3. Wonderful synopsis of a long (almost a full lifetime) journey through 2018 Carson. Thank you for serving at TWU. Good to connect with you in Toronto last month. Blessings as you step into new adventures – will be upholding you in prayer. Look forward to staying in touch!

  4. Best news yet of 2019!! The Divine is just that – Divine!! Love never fails….. ever

  5. Cheering for you brother. Would love to have a coffee if ever you are driving up the highway to MWSR. Take care.

    1. Thanks Paul. I actually think of you much more often than my correspondence would reveal. I hope to be at MW in the Spring – let’s do it.

  6. I loved this, Carson! Since God chose you before He even created the world, He would never forsake you but would pursue you to the end. I am so glad He brought you back!! Love always, Mom

  7. Dear Carson, Thank you again for including me in your “update”. I’m so pleased to see that significant healing has taken place in your heart. I’m also thrilled that the ALI will have you back and investing into the lives of its precious students. My hubby, Chuck and I will be heading to Rwanda on February 7th. We can hardly wait.

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