Mom in the Neighbourhood by Kristin Pue

11150720_10152647169076572_7645671183546204186_nSince Mom “slipped into heaven” the days have felt so long…and the roller coaster of emotions, so overwhelming. Mom had prepared so well. She took time to plan the details of her Celebration of Life and Hope Service. There were details for the family, gifts for people she loved. She left us lists, all sorts of lists, and every day as I look through them, they make me smile.

One of the first things we noticed was her “communication plan”. On this plan she had written who she wanted us to let know of her passing and memorial details. So Kirstie and I printed some pictures of Mom with her Celebration of Life details and headed out one afternoon to fulfill her wish. As well as the neighbours around Mom and Dad’s house, the list started with Porters, her favourite coffee shop. Then the dry-cleaners she went to and the Subway next door owned by a high school classmate of Jeremy’s. It seemed a bit strange doing this, but soon became very clear to us what an impact mom had on the people around her, in every area of her life.

Just before we had left the house the home nurse came by to pick up supplies and had told Dad how she loved getting to know Mom and that nurses in her office had been reading her Caring Bridge and want to attend the service if they can.

At the dry-cleaners, the owner started crying and hugging us, saying how sorry she was and how much she loved Mom. At Subway, the owner was brought to tears. He thanked us for coming in and letting him know, and told us that he’d be at the service without a doubt. I can’t say that the guy at our Subway would know who I am, but I am definitely inspired to live my everyday life a bit differently.

Kirstie and I got back to the car, and just sat there for a minute. Kirstie then said “So many people loved Mom. She even touched the lives of these people who only knew a small part of her. And we get to be a part of her family!”

Mom was the first person I went to for advice on raising my boys…she had so much wisdom to share. I will always be thankful for the times she allowed me to call in tears and how she’d help me walk through any situation with grace. She taught me so much and I pray that I can raise my boys to be Godly men as she did hers.

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  1. I never had a chance to meet Brenda and only really knew her through the Caring Bridge. I am your cousin, however, a few times removed as my grandfather and Carson’s grandfather are brothers. I have been so blessed to be able to have prayed over these months and been ministered to by Brenda as she shared her heart on the Caring Bridge. Thank you also for sharing her with us by way of her memorial service on-line. Such a beautiful testimony and a wonderful example of the love of God. May we all be fruitful vines climbing over the walls…blessings to you, each one.

  2. Yes, Brenda is a fruitful vine that will keep bearing fruit because of her deep roots in her beloved Lord Jesus! What a precious scripture to hold in our memories of Brenda!
    Thank you so much for sharing the video of this beautiful service. We see the beauty of Jesus in her photo, in her family and dearest friends who shared. Praying for Carson, and for her very special mother as well as all the family and friends who are experiencing the loss of her dear presence. We will see her again!

  3. Thank you for sharing this touching and encouraging account, Mr. Pue. My desire is to become like your Mom, by the grace and to the glory of God. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I’ll pass along this account to my Dad – Robert (Bob) Kruse.

    God bless, Candace Bishop

  4. What a beautiful tribute. This brings me to tears.


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  5. Carson, it has been beautiful to read the stories from your children and how they have been walking this journey. It’s an encouragement to me to walk through the grief of loss and rejoice in those blessings God has given us. Thank you for allowing such beauty to be seen by us all. Her life lives on here in her impact on those around her.

  6. I never met Brenda. I know you Carson, albeit also briefly. You have been generous with your wisdom and time with me. Brenda and I corresponded very briefly last year about me possibly joining Arrow – it didn’t work out for me to join.
    And that was it – the briefest of interchanges – and yet when i heard the news, my eyes filled up with tears for this woman i had never even met. I am grateful that I will yet get to meet this amazing woman.
    Blessings on all of you as you walk the next stage of this journey.

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