Pue’s Christmas Card 2014

Pues 226Charles Dickens wrote, ‘It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.’ Well 2014 has proven to be such a year for us.

On January 2nd a routine X-ray revealed a tumour in Brenda’s right lung that was confirmed as Stage IV Lung Cancer. We agree that this is the worst news we as a family have ever received in our collective lifetime.

Within ten days Brenda’s mom moved in to care for us all and, gratefully, is still with us. Brenda was told to get her affairs in order and was given about six months to live (June). Family and close friends became even more important. Time with God was and is essential. People around the globe began praying for us. 2014 has been a year marked by prayer, listening, learning, and seeing God in the ordinary.

BLOGlowres (432 of 437)It has been a year of family retreats. All 12 of us gathered together on four different occasions – grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. These times away, plus family nights twice per month, have brought tenderness to an otherwise intense year.


In August, we boated up the coast with life friends and Brenda celebrated the birthday that we didn’t think we would see.

In October our hearts filled with gratitude for the gift of another Thanksgiving, which also marked our 38th Anniversary. On the 31st  Carson stepped down from his role as ED at First so that we could have more time together. He continues to work part time advising on our church’s building project.

In November Arrow Leadership hosted a retirement celebration for Brenda that was very moving. As well we enjoyed three grandkids’ birthdays. All of these celebrations held something deeper for us.lowres (285 of 347)

Brenda is sharing her journey online and you may follow her here: www.caringbridge.org/visit/brendapue

The best of times? Well we didn’t know that such sweetness was possible in a cancer journey. But we do know that with God all things are possible.

Love, Carson and Brenda
21707 – 46 Ave, Langley BC, Canada V3A 8M9

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  1. Thank you, Carson, for this update. You and Brenda continue to inspire me by your transparency and faith journey.

    1. Thank you Linda. Brenda chose right at the time of her diagnosis to be public about it all. In that we have mentored leaders for years she saw this as another opportunity to mentor others – and the Lord is truly using her in this way.

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