USA and Canada: get ready!

Right to practice the Christian faith under attack in Britain

I happened to be in London last week on the day two major court rulings were made against people worshiping Jesus in Britain.

For several years I have made an observation. Whatever the ‘trend’ in Christianity such as the profound influence of postmodernism or the influence of the new atheism – the UK is usually five years ahead of the same trend being evident in Canada. The USA then trends five years after Canada’s experience. So as you read the following think about getting ready because this kind of challenge is heading to a town or city near you… and nothing seems able to stop it.

The right to practice the Christian faith is under attack in Britain as evidenced in two controversial legal rulings.

A High Court judge in London ruled that the custom of saying prayers at council meetings – a custom that started by Queen Elisabeth – the first one.

Atheist and former councilor Clive Bone claimed he was both disadvantaged and embarrassed when prayers were said at formal meetings of the Council when he started the case.

Where is this headed? The ruling will probably pave the way for the ending of prayers at the opening of Parliament, in the House of Commons or Lords. Well it could be the end of hospital and military chaplains. What about the coronation of the next king in Britain? Isn’t there a prayer said at that time?

Bed and Breakfast/ business rights?

The second case was one of the Appeal Court ruling that two Christian Bed and Breakfast owners broke the law by refusing to allow a gay couple to stay together in a double room. The court told the owners that they were entitled to express their beliefs, but not if they were incompatible with the rights of gay people.

Even though the Bed and Breakfast had also barred unmarried heterosexual couples from sharing double rooms for the past twenty-five years. This ruling confirms the supremacy of gay rights over Christian belief under the Sexual Orientation Regulations introduced by the Labor Party

Christians are suffering intolerance as Jesus followers are being pushed into the background by secularism. Lord George Cary (former Archbishop of Canterbury) stated Britain is “enslaved to multiculturalism, political correctness and so-called equal rights.”[i] Lord Carey has been urging the British Prime Minister to act in a manner to safeguard the founding Christian traditions in England.

Jewelry rights?

I flew back to London from Uganda on British Airways. You know, the airline that sent home a flight attendant for failing to take off or conceal a cross necklace she was wearing. Seriously? A cross? That most ancient and comforting symbol of Christianity in the form of nice jewelry is liable to offend so she should be sent home from work? We see many pop stars wearing a cross without claiming any affiliation with Christianity.

There is probably a five to ten-year window in which religious freedom issues are going to press in on Christians in North America. It is time for church leaders to start conversations with their politicians. It is time that current church leaders show some courage. It is time our politicians start defending the rights of Christians and not consider them to be less important than those of every other sector of society.

[i] Daily Mail, February 11, 2012

5 thoughts on “USA and Canada: get ready!

  1. Too bad it is felt that this is an attack on rights of Christians. Personally, I feel religious affiliation is a very personal matter and one should not attempt to “enforce” their beliefs on others. It should be remembered the Bible says to turn the other cheek to transgressors and basically to ensure you are following the precepts of Christianity. You have no right to judge anyone else despite what you may feel they are doing as long as it does not contravene the laws of the land. It may bother you someone is gay or black or sikh or buddhist or unmarried but only God can judge these people. Therefore go in peace and do not get upset about others when you may have faults you should be taking care of. I am a recent convert to Christianity and this has freed me from much of the baggage of trying to guess what others will think of my actions. I know I am doing the right thing for myself which is the biggest gift to God and have given up anger against others which I have no right to feel.

    1. My point has to do with law and the fact that the rights – like human rights – of Christians appear to be below every other interest group.

  2. Loved the blog, and I also think it is about time for Christian leaders in the church to rally believers to their knees in prayer. Prayer really does change things, we read int he Old Testament the wonderful ways that God responded to the prayers of the Prophets and Priests. Reading through Ezra right now and the deep conviction on his heart drove him to his knees in repentance and with fasting and prayer a nation was changed.

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