For over twenty five years I have been pouring into the lives of leaders:

  • who are Kingdom seekers, not empire builders;
  • proven leaders with potential, not potential leaders;
  • anointed, not interested;
  • gifted, not average;
  • authentic, not superficial;
  • relevant, not cliché;
  • teachable, not just knowledgeable.

I love to speak on topics related to leadership, mentoring, vision, evangelism, and spiritual formation. I have been speaking publicly for more than 25 years with keynotes and many sermons and devotionals. I have also appeared on a syndicated radio series, television, at pastor’s conferences and denominational leadership summits.

Current keynotes are:

  • Leadership and Integrity;
  • Rule of Life from the Life of St. Patrick;
  • Mentoring (of course)
  • The Journey of Leaders and Organizations
  • What we can learn from the Global South
  • Aging and Life Transitions
  • Preparing for Passing Through

If you would like more information about having me make a presentation to your group, please tell us about your event.

  1. Phil Harbridge
    January 17, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    Carson, just read your post on New Season, so happy for you my friend.
    I too am in transition and looking to the Lord to guide my steps.
    Would you have time (and inclination) for coffee some time soon?

    Text/call: 778-840-5930

    Phil Harbridge

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