Carson Now Booking for 2024

Recognized as an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Carson has worked with most of the significant, highest performing organizations in the not for profit world and Christian led businesses. He loves to speak on topics including high performance, teamwork, leadership, pivoting to the new normal, mentoring, evangelism, and spiritual foundations. Carson has been speaking publicly for more than 30 years. He has appeared on a syndicated radio series, and on television. His humour and passion make him a favourite at conferences and leadership summits.

Carson brings a global perspective to leadership. Not only has he travelled to meet with leaders around the world, he is in constant contact with leaders in distant places that increases his learning of best practices that he is generous in passing along to others.

Carson is at his best when speaking to leaders, those with responsibility and wanting to be inspired and grow. Everyone leaves a keynote or retreat with Carson taking away several leadership nuggets that can have life altering effects.

He is often used to help call leadership out of those younger who question themselves. His insightful observations and experience help leaders get beyond barriers that keep them from being all that they could be.

By taking a multi-dimensional approach in his mentoring of leaders, Carson is able to tap into the very things that enhance our relationships, our spiritual and intellectual growth, our passions, our teams and make us overall more effective at home and at work.

A gifted storyteller, Carson weaves truths and insights in such a way that drives the point home in a memorable fashion. He is direct, authentic, and fun.

You may speak directly to Carson

If you would like more information about a keynote address, you can have a conversation directly with Carson about your event. Having both organized conferences, and speaking at many, he is willing to help you discuss your needs. Look at his calendar and choose a time to talk. CLICK HERE

Carson shares about his personal experience in being mentored
Carson Pue interviewed about his personal journey experiencing great loss.

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