Quadrant Leadership Inc.

In April 2015 Quadrant Leadership Inc. was incorporated as a business as a foundation for Dr. Pue’s writing. speaking and working with men and women leaders through one on one mentoring/coaching. Carson has added associates and is forming a team of coaches to assist those desiring mentoring and leadership coaching. If you would like to talk directly to Carson about your mentoring or keynote needs you may book an appointment in his calendar CLICK HERE.

What is a Quadrant?

Invented by the Greeks around 240 B.C., several different types
of quadrants have been used over the past 2500 years.

A quadrant is an ancient navigational instrument used by sailors since the 1400’s (and on land long before that). The quadrant received its name because it is one-fourth of a full circle. Quad in Latin means “four.”

Sailors learned that the North Star could also help with navigation. They would take a reading with the quadrant and note the height of The North Star above the horizon. They knew that this height changed depending on a person’s latitude, (the distance above or below the equator).

If you knew what the height of The North Star was at a particular port city you wanted to reach, it would help you navigate your way there.

For me as a sailor, I like it that we have GPS now. But as a mentor I love the symbolism of the quadrant for it captures what I am passionate about doing with leaders.

  1. Understand your current location. Where are you at? What are you experiencing right now?
  2. What is your North Star? (I actually like The Southern Cross) What is guiding you?
  3. As a leader, what ‘port’ do you want to reach?
  4. Let’s set course for that goal and continue to measure as we go to ensure we are on course.

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