Speaking Calendar


Carson is now booking speaking events in 2017 and for 2018.

Previous and booked events and topics are listed below to help give ideas and insight as to Carson’s focus and interests currently. He is pleased to work with you on a subject focus of your choice in his field of leadership, executive mentoring and coaching.


January 8 – 11, TSA Leadership Conference

January 30-Feb 1 – The Salvation Army Officers Retreat

February 8-9 – Trinity Western University Chapel

May 5-14 – Footsteps of Patrick Tour

July 31 – Aug 4 – Abundant Leadership Course, Kigali Rwanda


Vancouver BC, January 17 & 24  -“Healing/Restoration/Relationship”

Toronto ON, January 31 – Word Vision “AGM Address”

Langley BC, February 8 – PAOC Pastor Spouse Conference  “Leading Strategically in Turbulent Times”

Webinar,  February 10, Arrow Leadership “25 Years of Leadership” with Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Leighton Ford.

Abbotsford BC, March 24 – Garden Park “I have your back: Religious Freedom”

Naples FL, March 26 – April 1 – Adult Rehabilitation Centres Officers Council conference “Recharge – Charge”

Barnabas BC, April 15-17 – Carey Theological College- Transitions Aging Conference

Charlotte NC, April 21-24 – Arrow Leadership “25 Years of Leadership” filming video resource.

Chilliwack BC, June 12 – South Side – “Life Transitions”

Fort Langley, Aug 5 – EFCC National Conference Breakfast

Barnabas, Keats Island Sept 8-10 – Convene Chair Retreat Transitions: Exploring Life Changes as Maturing Adults

Langley, BC Sept 27 – 29 – myTWU “Finding a Mentor and Understanding the Process of Mentoring”


Vancouver BC, March 15 – First Baptist. “Patrick: Captured by the Glory”

Nairobi Kenya (video), April 1 – Pan African University “Mentoring Leaders”

Vancouver BC, April 21 – LCJE North America

Los Angeles CA,  June – Talbot Seminary Doctor of Ministry Program. “Mentoring: Asian American Cohort”

West Vancouver BC, Sept. 27 West Van Baptist.


Barnabas, Keats Island BC, May 12-14 2014 – Christian Leader Spouse Retreat “Finding Joy in Uncommon Work”

Barnabas, Keats Island BC, May 30 – June 1 2014 – Cultivate Retreat: “Staying Fresh – Soul Care”

First, Vancouver BC, August 24 – “Timothy: A Guide for the Spiritual Life”

Dallas, TX, Oct 6-9 – The Salvation Army Texas Division Officer’s Council

At this time all future speaking events have been cancelled so Carson can be with Brenda in this season of her cancer diagnosis.


Toronto, ON, January 27 – World Vision Annual General Meeting “What in the World is God Doing?”

Alberta , February 4,5 – North American Baptist Pastor Spouse and Family Conference “What is Discipleship Today?”

Vancouver, February 16 – FBC Family Camp in the City – Carson and Brenda Pue “Love Matters”

Langley, March 16 – Men’s Breakfast – “St. Patrick: A Rule of Life”

Barnabas, Keats Island BC, March 21 – Carson and Brenda Pue “Ministry and Marriage”

Barnabas, Keats Island BC, April 8,9,10 Christian Leader and Spouse Retreat “Balance for Ministry Leaders and Spouses”

Kuwait City, April 15-20 – Missional International Church Network,  – “Paul’s Prayers For the Believer”

Barnabas, Keats Island BC, May 27,28,29 Christian Leader and Spouse Retreat “Balance for Ministry Leaders and Spouses”


Langley, BC , April 13Trinity Western University School of Business

Lima Peru, May 2-4 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Santiago, Chile, May 8-12 – “Pastors Conference”

Buenos Aires, Argentina May 13-17 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Johannesburg, South Africa, May 18-23 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Kigali, Rwanda, May 24-29 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Nairobi, Kenya, May 30- June 2 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, June 3-6 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour and World Vision

Kuwait City, Kuwait, June 6-10 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour. Pastor and Spouse seminar, preaching at Lighthouse Church.

Mumbai, India, June 11-16 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour IJM

Chiang Mai, Thailand, June 17-21 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Singapore, June 22-23 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Sydney, Australia, June 24-29 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Auckland, New Zealand, June 25-July 7 – “What in the world is God doing?” Tour

Vancouver BC, Nov 8-9 – Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference visit http://www.eleaders.org

  1. David Carmichael
    March 6, 2017 at 8:16 am

    We once met at 1st Baptist 3 or 4 years ago when one of our Indian speakers and Dalit Freedom Network were invited to share the plight of the untouchables and our work with them. I was a rep for DFN at the time and am now on their board.
    Also, being a fan of Arrow (Keith Anderson is my good friend), I wanted our Director, Sherry Bailey to apply for the Senior Leadership program. When I contacted Arrows office, your dear wife Brenda answered and received me so kindly and warmly. I was so blessed. She graciously suggested we request scholarship help for Sherry as she represented a charitable organization, which we did. Brenda went the extra mile for us. I heard via the grapevine that Arrow was going through tough times financially and that our grant was a little to generous. Brenda persevered however, and I was able to raise the balance of the tuition. Sherry loved the program and grew as a leader and person of faith. I still give your dear wife credit for helping to make this happen. Interestingly, my wife of 44 years went to be with the Lord 9 years ago. I know somewhat of your pain. It is though, as you would agree, a suffering with joy. We will see our beautiful wives again. Praise be to God.
    Carson, DFN is looking to add an influential, godly person to our board. We are the cusp of moving form a small organization to a larger one. We need 1 or 2 committed and connected people to help us moving forward. Someone of your caliber Carson! Could I ask you to suggest a couple of names for us to approach in this regard? We meet twice yearly. Knowledge of the Dalits isn’t critical as that can be learned. Influence, capability, major board experience and Kingdom commitment would be essential.
    With appreciation,
    David Carmichael
    Chair, Nomination Committee
    Dalit Freedom Network

  2. Brenton Crowhurst
    February 11, 2017 at 6:56 pm

    Greetings old friend. The decades have rolled by since we last chatted at Vancouver’s 1st Baptist. I was reading your blog tonight, and I’m saddened by some of the news since I last checked in on you. I’m very very sorry to read of Brenda. I can still remember when you were married. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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