Brenda Pue: But If Not


Carson’s wife Brenda died of cancer in August 2015. Brenda’s journal through her cancer journey is now a book entitled “But If Not: 588 Days Living With Cancer”  The back cover reads as follows:

BRENDA PUE WAS A REMARKABLE WOMAN and it is not surprising that this account of her last days is equally remarkable. You often hear it said that someone “lost their battle with cancer”. To read this book is not to read of any lost battle. In fact, to read it is to learn of a victory, with a splendid and defiant note of triumph. In her life Brenda was a woman who inspired many. You will find this account of her last days on this earth no less inspiring.

This book, at one level, is an account of one woman’s battle with cancer. Yet at a much deeper, truer level, it is not about death or dying; it is about life and living. Especially helpful for those with a recent cancer diagnosis and their loved ones But If Not is filled with expectation, longing, desire, confidence, trust and faith.

Although her doctors had given her just a few months to live, Brenda chose to live joyfully and victoriously. As a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, leader and mentor, Brenda shares “life in all its fullness” – the sort that Jesus promises in John 10:10. It leaps and bounds off every page.

Brenda invites you into her physical, emotional and spiritual journey, showing us what it is like to face a life challenge with courage and grace. Come be inspired by the life of an amazing woman.

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