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Welcome to Carson Pue’s Blog – writings dedicated to men and women who want practical mentoring insights on how to live, and lead, effectively – and have a few laughs at ourselves along the journey.

While leading Arrow Leadership for over fourteen years, Carson has amassed a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the mentoring of men and women in various leadership roles. Carson is recognized for his expertise and gifting in the area of mentoring leaders and those who follow. Seminaries and universities use his books as required reading in this area.

He now works at Trinity Western University working closely with President Bob Kuhn as an advisor, as well as on special projects in fundraising, leadership development, church relations and communications. He also assisted the university through it’s Supreme Court case regarding the school of law they were proposing. The court has since ruled against TWU and now effort is being put into respecting the law as to the new definition of religious freedom in Canada.

Carson adds, “Christians who are leaders need to be in the places where decisions are made. I want to help the men and women at TWU prepare to be in those places. Helping people succeed with work, life and faith is my passion and I want to mentor others out of my experience as a leader. I invite your comments and welcome your feedback.”

In May 2019, Carson is joining the staff at Barnabas Landing and will serve as Special Assistant to Rob Bentall, President and Executive Director.


Dr. Carson Pue


FBC Towers Rendering

Pue’s more than three decades in senior leadership positions have prepared him well for speaking into the lives of leaders. Currently, leads Quadrant Leadership Inc., specializing in speaking, writing, consulting and executive mentoring.

Recently, he served First Baptist Church Vancouver as Executive Director and Executive Advisor for the “Heart for the City Project“, a multi-million-dollar project to transform Vancouver’s First Baptist Church into a multi-use complex that includes housing, community, family and counselling services, as well as a homeless shelter to assist the church to better serve the city of Vancouver.

He is well known internationally as the former CEO of Arrow Leadership, an organization dedicated to emergent and executive leadership development. Pue is also a keynote speaker and published bestselling author of Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for Developing Calling, Character and Competency (Baker Books 2005).

Pue is a graduate of the University of Calgary (B.Ed., M.A. Religious Studies), Trinity Western University (Doctor of Christian Ministries, Honoris Causa), and the Arrow Leadership Program. In 2004, Crandall University (formerly ABU) gave Pue its leadership award. In 2014, he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Canada.

Carson is now solely devoting himself to building people and their organizations through mentoring, coaching, speaking, teaching and writing. Centered out of Trinity Western University, where he assists the president and the senior leadership team, Carson is focused on spiritual leadership. He also continues to write and speak for Quadrant Leadership Inc., as the platform from which is a able to work with leaders literally around the world.


For fourteen years Carson served as CEO of Arrow Leadership a ministry recognized as a global leader in Christian leadership development. Arrow develops leaders worldwide ;“to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus, and to lead more to Jesus.” They have been highly successful in transforming and enriching the lives and leadership of men and women who are now deployed around the world.

Recognized as a leader of leaders Carson has an ability to identify leaders and invest wisdom into their development through mentoring, teaching and spiritual guidance.


Pue is a best-selling author: “Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for Developing Character, Calling and Competency” by Baker Books ;and his new Mentoring Wisdom: Living and Leading Well.  Carson is known through his speaking at conferences, published articles, national radio programs and commentaries.

With his encouraging style, creative ideas, engaging humor and ministry experience, people find Carson well fitted for his role. In a straightforward manner Carson shares both from success and failure in ministry, believing that leaders learn from both. He is a popular keynote speaker on themes of leadership, spiritual development, vision, change and the realities of being a leader today.


Carson has extended his leadership by serving the board of directors for other organizations such as World Vision and he has been an advisor for the boards of The Billy Graham Center, Truefaced, and YesTV. He is a trusted advisor and coach to many leaders across Canada and the USA and he connects globally with The Lausanne Movement,  World Evangelical Alliance, and specific interests in Asia and the Middle East.

When not traveling the world encouraging leaders, he loves time with his three sons, three daughters by marriage, four grandsons and two granddaughters. He is also restored by friends, laughter, sailing, Ireland, writing and retreats.
Carson’s BFF and first mate Brenda, his wife since 1976, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in January 2014 and passed into glory in August 2015. She shared her amazing faith filled journey with cancer in an online journal that has more than 130,000 visits. In 2018 Carson was excited and engaged to be married to Ruth Blake and sadly just twenty six days before their wedding she died, Carson writes of their story in the blog posting When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned.
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