Putting First Things First

ImageIn our downtown church we have a weekly email that goes out on Monday’s to those who work in the secular workplace, as opposed to homes, churches, or specialized ministries. It’s purpose is to encourage men and women disciples to see their work environment as their place of ministry- and this is a high calling.

Here was today’s message as we start the new year – CP


I have probably given away thirty copies of the book “First Things First” by Stephen Covey. It is a definitive work on time management and explains that most people are driven by the concept of urgency. But to really effect positive change in our lives, we need to reorganise the way we spend our time; based on the concept of importance – not urgency.

You may be familiar with Covey’s four quadrants:

1. The first one represent the things that are both important and urgent for us to do (you need to do them now).

2. The second represent the things that are important, but not urgent (you can decide when to do them).

3. The third represent the things that are not important, but urgent (you should delegate them and not do them yourself).

4. The last quadrant represent the things that are neither important or urgent (you should dump them!).


A great exercise for leaders at the beginning of each year is to do an inventory of all the things you have on your plate to do – then discern what quadrant they are in and act on them accordingly.

When Jesus discusses putting “first things first” He says “ ..seek first his kingdom and his righteousness..”. (Matt. 6:33) Seeking first His kingdom is to desire – as our very first priority of important things – to spread the reign of Jesus Christ. God’s kingdom reign begins in our hearts, then spreads outward to our family and friends, and then like ripples in a pond – to the ends of the earth.

As you start this New Year, take a moment to survey your personal realm:

  • Do you see evidence of Christ’s rule over your thoughts, your attitudes, your will? What do you need to submit to Him?
  • How well are you submitting to Jesus’s rule as you relate to the people around you? What needs to change?
  • How are you connected to the missionary efforts of the church to share the love and shalom of Jesus in our community and around the world? Besides giving donations, how can you get involved in spreading Christ’s gospel to the world?
  • How might you broaden your world view this year?

May God bless you as you seek the kingdom of God in every area of your life.